Palmwood Creations

The Coconut Kingdom

PALMWOOD CREATIONS exists to help provide a fair living wage to artisans of the Coconut Kingdom, Ben Tre Province, Vietnam.

We are focusing on providing a wide variety of hand crafted products from the coconut palm, so check back as we will be adding products.

Hopefully we can provide you with a quality product you can be proud of and enjoy.

COCONUT PALM: A renewable resource
To continue supplies of coconut meat, milk, oil and fiber, new trees are planted to replace the old.  The old tree trunks are used to make the beautiful coconut palm products we offer at our web store.

There are so many uses for coconut products and we've only begun with the wood product.  Check back as we expand.

How to care for your beautiful palm wood kitchen utensils

Hand wash only in hot soapy water and rinse

Pat dry with a cloth and air dry

Do not allow to sit in water for extended periods of time

Should the natural luster fade, simply rub with olive, vegetable, or mineral oil

Thank you for visiting Palmwood Creations.  We hope you are able to find what you are looking for!